Simplex Simulation is the most effective way to improve decision making

The Simplex Simulation

What if you can magnify your executive team super powers?

Now you can understand and improve your executive team decision making skills and process. A team is not the simple sum of the individual skills.

Therefore, we designed Simplex so that we can help executive teams to build on each individual member strengths and remove blocks and unproductive behaviours. We achieve this goal by creating a fun and safe environment where you and your team can act and behave like in a normal business day. Our team of experts will observe and make your team aware of your team powers.

Simplex Simulation is designed for senior and executive level teams in your company. It si a powerful combination between a full scale business simulation and a coaching program. Simplex provides an on line virtual environment where you and your team can test and improve your team decision skills.

Decisions to be made

By design, the simulation provides a full company environment, with functional departments, products, budgets, teams and customers in a market environment that is developing and changing. That’s why, during a Simplex Simulation, your team will need to make decisions in real on-line team meetings about:

  • company strategy and operations
  • pitching to the board
  • hiring and firing people
  • developing new markets
  • sending offers and acquiring new clients
  • setting budgets
  • creating advertising campaigns
  • company reorganisation
  • almost anything that a company does in real life

You will get the results of your decisions in operational results and in a financial results. So, we designed the simulation to be modular. For example if you do not have a marketing manager or HR manager yet, or you simply do not want to involve marketing and HR decisions, the marketing and HR decisions will not be involved in the exercise.

During the business simulation the team is observed in its activity and dynamics by our team coach. Team coaching is based on real evidence and decisions making patterns observed by the coach. 

Simplex Results in Brief

  • team coaching to maximise results and impact
  • executive business simulation
  • improve executive decision making
  • improve team communication and team spirit
  • improve meeting effectiveness
  • understand the financial and operational effects of your decisions
  • acquire new skills (ex: strategic thinking, design processes, management,
  • learn how your team really works
  • learn how to increase performance
  • understand immediately the short term and long term effects of your decisions
  • specific action plans
  • 5 – 12 people
  • 1 – 3 days
  • customisable

Choose your Simplex

The simulation and coaching can be delivered in the following products, available on line:

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